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Jam-Play Review

Hey Guys Watch My Jam-play Review Here And Those interested in nitty-gitty details about the website, its feature and all other stuff scroll down and read my detailed review.

Key Benifits

  • 2nd Largest online guitar lesson site
  • Perfect for beginners (Top choice for people who have never played guitar before)
  • Over 4,000 guitar lessons that you can watch again and again
  • Massive online community of teachers and students.
  • Personal Q&A Sessions
  • Choice of Instructor (over 70 to pick from)
  • Over 600 Professional Tracks to help you master your skill.
  • Supplemental materials for every lesson (This is the best feature)
  • Progress report that tracks your progress across every lesson you ever opened.


  • Costs More than Guitar tricks
  • Only 7 days money back window with no trials

In-depth Review

Its basically imposible to review Jamplay without talking about Guitar tricks. Here i will atempt to minimize the comparison and will strictly review jamplay for what it actually is not what it is compared to guitar tricks or something else.

Jamplay is an Online guitar lesson service with massive community that ofeers virtually endless guitar training. It has more than 430 hours of video lessons and daily webcam lessons from over 70 instructors makes it one of the best place to learn guitars.

First look of member’s area

When you login to jamplay you first land on the member’s area and the first thing you will notice is a clean and simple design and everything is very easy to find. As you can see they have a geting started section that will help you ease onto their sites fuctions. After scroling down a bit you can see your forum activity and chat section that helps in learning with the comunity. After that you can see there is live instructor Q/A schedule and live webcam session and its actually that easy to find things on the interface.


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