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Welcome to Shred Junky. Here we will help you to learn playing guitar with some of the best online guitar lessons. You can find some of the top teachers here who can help you master your guitar skills. Our instructors have been featured on ultimate tabs and lots of wikipedia pages those will show you how you can master guitar even if you are a beginner.

Here you can explore our resources of guitar lessons for beginners as well as experienced students. You will Find lessons on Guitar Chords, Lead Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Blues Guitar, Guitar scales and loads more. Our concepts apply to acoustic as well as electric guitar. Our experts will show you what you should be ideally doing to maximize your guitar skills and master the art.

Where Can You Learn To Play Guitar

I have been a member of almost every guitar site online and constantly looking forward to hone my skill as a perfect guitarist. Some of the guitar lessons are far complicated and superior than other while some are perfectly good for the ones who bought their first guitar yesterday. The first advice that i can give you about learning guitar on the net is “get a solid and perfectly planned lesson”. Given that you can find free guitar lessons online and there is no denying that they will improve your skills but they will consume time and slow down your progress. So if you have some extra dimes laying around then you should pick -up a perfect guitar lesson for you that will help maximize your effort and time.

To help you with your quest to master those strings here i have put down the list and review of all the guitar course i have used. Check them out and pick the one that suits you the best.

  • Go here to see my jam play review ( Its actually the first guitar lesson i signed up for)
  • My Guitar tricks review
  • Shred Junky Guitar Lessons (currently under production)

Ok Quick and Dirty Review for those who don’t have time to go through the detailed ones


  • Over 4,000 guitar lessons that you can watch again and again
  • Massive online community of teachers and students.
  • Personal Q&A Sessions
  • Choice of Instructor (over 70 to pick from)
  • Over 600 Professional Tracks to help you master your skill.
  • Suplimental materials for every lesson (This is the best feature)
  • Plus they provide you a progress report that tracks your progress…pretty cool stuff to see your skills grow

The only thing i don’t like about them is they don’t offer a free trial to ease the students in or else it gives perfect bang for the bucks. Only 19.95$ per month and its more than worth it.

How to Get Our Online Guitar Lessons

Currently we are preparing the content for your which will feature loads of guitar tricks and tips to help you a ton. Stay Tuned.


And before you go here is a amazing guitar solo for you to enjoy. 🙂

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